The Store

Détroit is the New Black aims to give its customers an experience within its physical retail space. The store - and the brand - is more than just an apparel provider, despite the commercial retail district its located in.

The store provides space for events such as art exhibits and classes, trunk shows, poetry slams, fundraisers, cocktail parties and other private events.

It also functions as a rotating art gallery and community space, featuring new art installations each month. Our featured art is meant to evoke emotions and add to the customer’s experience as well as serve as a reminder that art and fashion are one.

One early spring morning, out in Brightmoor, you were young, you put on a tee, it stretched out across your chest, covering your rib cage just so, the color was right. You were young. But it fit.

Now, over on Belle Isle, at the edge of the soccer field, a girl crouches down on the fresh cut grass. There in the woods, she sees a golden fox making its way. She smiles. She knows the wild.

See that fist reaching for the river? Designed by a Mexican artist, telling the story of a black fighter, built for a wounded city, providing an iconic “Yes.” Do you feel that power? It shakes.

Two lovers are entwined in one another’s arms, fast asleep, their phones are in the other

room, a single glass of water sits by the bed. It is Saturday. Last night was fun. Let them sleep.

Words are placed beside one another, words that have never sat together quite like this.

Simplicity. Quality. Justice. Sophistication. Power. Inclusivity. Beauty, Love. Say them slowly at first. Then, say them fast.

A fierce, beautiful woman is explaining this to her date, “When you have your own style, you know you are more than worthy. You have a kind of power. We’re all a half inch taller. Our feet aren’t so tied to the earth. Things float. Am I making any sense?” His heart surges, he slips his hand into hers.

Paris was stupid once. Tokyo was a blur. New York was peasants and drunken sailors. There is nothing inevitable about a city. You just own it. One day a woman stands tall and says, “Now, here.” And, right now, this is Détroit.

On warm nights, when the music plays, the night dances too.

It is still hard. There are still slaves in this world, along river deltas, in vast factories whose

owners have never walked the floor, exhausted women are sweating, toiling, the engines run hot, everyone is waiting for the day to end. Perhaps pennies are tossed. But there are still slaves...they’re still slaves.

The sun rises here. We are free to decide what our style is, what our power is, what our day will be, how we choose, how we make. Something nice. Unlock the door. Reach to the window. Turn the sign over. “We are Open.” We are free.

Roslyn Karamoko

Roslyn Karamoko is the founder, CEO and ultimate voice behind Détroit Is The New Black. Roslyn received her BA degree in fashion merchandising from Howard University. The Seattle native would then go on to work as a retail buyer for several years in New York and Singapore. The cultures and experiences she had while traveling influenced many of her designs today.

When Roslyn moved to Detroit in 2013, it was the city’s creative community and overall process of rebuilding that would bring the concept of Detroit Is The New Black to life.

Called “The Motor City’s Hottest Designer” by TIME Magazine, Roslyn Karamoko has effectively created a conversation on the past present and future of Detroit, its underlying socioeconomic and racial issues, and the city’s steady revitalization - all through this five word statement.