Enlightenment by Sfumato Fragrances

Enlightenment by Sfumato Fragrances

We partnered with Sfumato Fragrances to recreate and elevate our signature essential oil blend, Enlightenment. Enlightenment is made with Frankincense, Clary Sage & Sandalwood, a blend that is intended to inspire a relaxing and meditative experience. Enlightenment is now available for purchase is a 60ml bottle or 10ml body roller. DITNB aims to support and connect with local brands creating quality products to build equity within our community. Take a moment to get to know the story behind Sfumato Fragrances located in our beloved Midtown Détroit. 

Sfumato's Brand Story: 

Sfumato Fragrances was founded by Jane Larson and Kevin Peterson in 2013. With a desire to create fragrances from entirely natural ingredients, along with events and experiences through which the visceral power of scent can be appreciated, Kevin and Jane created Sfumato as an outlet for their passion for scent. 

What are the most important connection points you would like to convey to our customers about your brand?:  

Our scents come directly from plants. Designed, packaged and sold here in Detroit, we create fragrances that excite the senses in a way that is both old and new. While natural perfumery was the only perfumery until almost the 20th century, it has become so far removed from commercial fragrance production that the impression is novel and has to be experienced first hand.  

What are some key features & benefits of specific products?:

Niche perfume is an amazing art form. We are able to use ingredients and create impressions completely outside the realm of mainstream, commercial scents. By using only a natural ingredient palette, our fragrances are closer to a walk in the woods than a chemical factory. Making each scent by hand means that we can blend each batch to ideally capture the terroir present in each ingredient.

Please share a favorite customer review or experience with your brand?:  

"Sfumato is a harmony of the senses. It is an evocation of scent, sight, taste, and memory." - Michael B

Why are you partnering with DITNB? What are your brand goals?:  

We love being a part of the Detroit business community, and have long appreciated the vision of DITNB. We view project collaborations as a way to strengthen both our brand and the partners we work with.

Please provide the list of products we will be carrying:

A custom scent collaboration between DITNB and Sfumato, inspired by olfactory memories, and containing  sandalwood, clary sage, and frankincense. Available as both a 60mL atomizer and a 10mL roller ball. 

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