Valencia Shanelle X Détroit is the New Black.

Valencia Shanelle X Détroit is the New Black.

We partnered with Valencia Shanelle to create sustainable, timeless mini crochet totes for our Summer '22 collection. DITNB aims to support and connect with local brands creating quality products to build equity within our community. Take a moment to get to know Valencia Shanelle! 

Brand Story Valencia Shanelle: 

My brand was founded in 2014 while I was studying at Northwood University in Michigan. After graduating with a bachelors degree in fashion marketing and management, I moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons School of Design. Relaunched in 2020, Valencia Shanelle focuses on luxury knitwear that will last a lifetime. All items are handmade by me in my studio using the best natural fibers from around the world. 

What are the most important connection points you would like to convey to our customers about your brand?:  

Sustainability can be cute!

What are some key features & benefits of specific products?:

I only used natural fibers for this collection to ensure that the bags are sustainable and will last a lifetime. The Lalusia market bag is made with organic eco cotton and the chunky crochet bag is made with cotton macrame rope.

State your brand’s giveback or social equity impact:

Recently, I have been looking for more ways to give back to my community. This past winter I partnered with a local nonprofit called For the People Detroit to donate handmade knits for individuals experiencing homelessness in Detroit. I hand knit chunky hats and filled them with hand warmers, socks, and gloves. I also offered the same style on my website for purchase. I donated one hat for every hat purchased.

Please share a favorite customer review or experience with your brand?:  

Last winter I had a custom order for two balaclavas for a set of twins and one for their mom. It was one of my first international orders and I shipped them all the way to Switzerland. I still receive cute selfies from the twins in their balaclavas. :)

Why are you partnering with DITNB? What are your brand goals?:  

I have admired DITNB since its launch. I feel like our brands are aligned and I aim to have a positive impact on the community just as DITNB has. I aim to be an inspiration to the community and also provide opportunities for others in my community.

Please provide the list of products we will be carrying:

Lalusia market bag made with organic cotton

Chunky crochet bag made with cotton macrame rope

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