DUSK Essential Oil Blend

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The romantic counterpart to our rustic Torch Fragrance, this unisex scent was crafted to embody the dazzling, neon rays of sunset sinking into moody twilight. The journey begins with a warm and rejuvenating glow, courtesy of Sandalwood, Black Spruce, Black Pepper, and Cedarwood. It gradually gives way to a calming—yet darkly intriguing—blend of Myrrh, Violet, and Cardamom. The vibe is both sultry and serene, an invitation to recharge, unwind and savor the fullness of the moment. 

Roll on wrist, neck, and décolletage to wear as a personal fragrance, dab on wrists, and inhale for an anytime mood balance. You can also blend a few swipes with your favorite body lotion for an all-over scent. The convenient rollerball glass is ideal for travel, whether you’re a fan of backlit cityscapes or star-filled skies.