Chocolate Spring Duster Jacket

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Cut, sewn, and hand-dyed in Detroit.

This jacket is inspired by the history of the Motor City, too. 

In the 1900s, the shift to automobile transportation rocked not only the transportation industry, but also the world of Fashion - it changed in both form and function. This new fashion trend was called motoring style — from driving coats to gloves to scarves to goggles — it quickly emerged as one of the hottest fashion trends of the early 20th century.

The chocolate spring duster jacket is stylish and ultra-functional, just like motoring wear was meant to be. With multiple pockets for function and support, you can live in this coat. The collar has more length, providing extra protection from a summer night's chilly breeze. The length of the garment, itself, provides warmth and cover. This is an intelligent design that will serve as a statement piece with history to back it up.

You can request custom tailoring at no charge, email for more information.