DITNB x Merit

Merit provides capstone projects each year for our FATE Program students. Our 10th graders go through the entire process to design and produce their own product collections. This year, our students had the amazing opportunity to create a collaborative collection with Detroit is the New Black during a pandemic! Pre-orders will close on August 21, and at that time a winning team (based on which team collects the most pre-orders) will be announced. Additionally, the top-selling product from the other two collections will also be declared winning items. These items in addition to those from the winning team will be produced in full. Production will be complete and shipped within 2 months. Anything purchased outside of that will be refunded to your credit card.
Designers X Drip present Embrace Your City you can do anything creative in a positive community.
The Original Stylists present Imapact Intemporel - intemporel means timeliness in French. Detroit (impact) is with you forever, never leaves your mind, something you can’t forget, something that has a hold on you. It also speaks to the impact Merit and DITNB is making in the community. 


Detroit 360 present Detroit is Dangerous - We are bringing light to a negative word. Merit and Detroit Is The New Black are a threat, in a positive way, to the negativity that surrounds the City. The brands bring new opportunities, new people, and new ideas to Detroit that no one has ever seen. We’re Dangerous because we’re hungry for change.