York Project is a Social Street-wear company from Metro-Detroit founded in 2012.  It was born when then 19-Year old, Josh York, hand stitched his last name into a maroon beanie and began selling them to his friends at local music shows.

Currently, York Project makes a Donation Kit to donate for each product sold. Each one of these Donation Kits includes a durable tote bag, toilet paper, socks, and bottled water. Since 2012, we’ve contributed $82,000 and counting worth of donation kits and other supplementary items in 23 American cities from coast to coast.

Our team is streetwear inspired, yet also motivated by being a positive change in our community.  We believe that we should be able to make and sell the clothes we want to wear, while making a positive difference at the same time. We exist to create jobs and opportunities for those in our community that would not otherwise exist.