Siblings and co-founders John and Heather grew up in a small town in North Dakota. With a dad as a dentist, John's path to design school, and Heather's to law, were far from the family business. During school, however, they decided to use their talents to create products with environmental and social value, and as fate would have it, they couldn't resist starting with a toothbrush. Bogobrush has evolved over the years and offers two options for conscious consumers wanting to brush for a better world: our colorful upcycled + recyclable collection, and our plant-based compostable toothbrushes (made of planet-friendly materials leftover on American farms, like bio flax, spent coffee grounds, and hemp). For every brush sold, we give back 10% to sustainability causes in local communities, from planting trees and donating brushes to charities supporting folks in need, we also roll up our sleeves for neighborhood clean-ups in our resilient hometown, Detroit. Because we believe the world needs a toothbrush worth caring about.