12th & Viv

12th & ViV was created in early 2015 as a creative outlet for its founder, Darian Cook,  who was a busy licensed esthetician. She has always been interested in beauty and  home decor, but after graduating from Douglas J Aveda Institute, she became  obsessed with skincare. Because she has many family members that suffer from  psoriasis and eczema, she bought numerous body creams to see how she could make  them better so that she could help them. After moving into her first apartment she  would burn many candles from the Dollar Store. So to cut the cost of her candle habit,  she thought, maybe I should try my hand at that too. Since then, 12th & ViV has grown  to encompass a wide range of organic skincare and unique home decor products and  fragrances that are safe, healthy and make you feel good physically and mentally.